Systemic Agility’s quick assessment for your organisation

How to restore the balance between the organisational practices and the context, always more VUCA?

The practices from the past are over and a number of them are not appropriated to manage Post-Modern era’s cases. The Systemic Agility deals with all the culture’s underlying domains and measures from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint their adequation with the operating context. This approach enables the organisation to restore the balance taking into consideration the satisfaction of all the stakeholders.

The Systemic Agility domains

The Sense of Purpose
Characterise the way the organisation inspires through goal setting and shared strategy.

Characterise the way the organisation gets things done.

Characterise the forms and the norms of the organisation used to roll-out the strategy and fulfil the mission.

Characterise how the organisation share and use information as key capability.

Characterise the way people take responsibility for their action and reaction to the events.

Characterise the focus of the organisation in using well established methodology to sustain their goals and fulfil its mission.

Where does your organisation stands in between the industrial and the agile logic?

The Industrial logic:

All the domains are aligned on Taylor’s paradigms and the modern era, the organisation is a machine from which the yields should be maximized. The key words are economy of scale, centralization, standardization, return on equity, best practices…

The Agile logic:

All the domains are aligned on the Post-Modern era paradigms, the organization is a living organism capable of adapting quickly to changes in context while taking into account the interest of all stakeholders. The key words are adaptability, collective intelligence, flexibility, experimentation, decentralization, global performance…

Where does your organisation stands and where would it be convenient to be?

Depending on your legacy and your culture, your organisation is standing in between those two extremes. The Systemic Agility assessment allows to specify your current position, like a GPS and using a number of meaningful maps.

Based on the current and future effervescence of your environment (VUCAness), what is the best position on this continuum to fulfil your mission and contribute effectively to your vision?

This quick assessment works as a demo for our Systemic Agility assessment and is based on the single respondent perception to check where your organisation stands compared to the optimal position.

Before starting the quick assessment, we would like to know a bit more about you:

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