Our key product that measures the agility of your organization comparing the activation of 6 specific domains versus the VUCAness of the context. The Systemic Agility Index is the organization X-Ray picture showing the agility and resilience status of each team, unit, business line and finally the organization. We are welcoming OD consultants to become certified to use this effective method.

Use our assessment on systemic agility to support organisational growth

Measure and compare with others the organisation agility to keep your context in check by developing the 6 domains that sustain flow and performance (Purpose, Management, Organisation, Information, Agile practices, Agile behaviours).

Know where you are and improve the overall performance of the organisation, the satisfaction of your customers and employees, create an adaptive leadership, increase the ownership at all the level and develop a permanent adaptive response to your environment.

The Systemic Agility Index report helps to understand where each unit of your organization stands. That’s the start of developing each unit with what it really needs.

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