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Men are the subjects, Technology is the object

The challenge of the 21 century to adapt to the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment is addressed by innovating within practices and leveraging on technologies. Because technology is the vehicle that creates acceleration, it can’t be used on its own to address the challenge.

Systemic Agility Program

You feel caught in a culture that brings your organization to its best but looks like an issue now to address the emerging effervescent context. You understand the advantages of the agile organization and you don’t know where to start to create a transformational move that will restore the balance for the best of all stakeholders, employees and clients. We will help you with our Systemic Agility Transformation program.Read More »

Behavioural Agility (Agil'AO)

You like the concept of “doing more with less” but you struggle with the method to make this concept comes true. With the behavioural agility program, we will support the individuals and the groups to build collective intelligence, moving from heroics to collective actions leveraging on the proper postures to keep the context in check.Read More »

Bespoke transformation

You plan to transform your organization culture and know that 70% of those transformation fails according to John Kotter. You know where you are and where you want to go; we will help in measuring where each unit is between the old and new culture leveraging on our Polar Culture Index to feed each of them with appropriate nutrient and therefore speed up your transformation process bringing forward the benefits of the program.Read More »

Organisational development

The organizational development relies on individuals, groups and organization. With this in mind, we will support you in the development and the roll-out of your OD program leveraging on our appreciative consulting approach leveraging on what works and creating small experiments and learn from the field to favour emerging practices. We promote learning organization practice to ensure rapid autonomy.Read More »

Experiential learning

In our training programs, we promote experiment and research to enable participants to build new perspectives and create the foundation for a sustainable change of habits. You can choose from our ready to learn catalogue. We will be glad to tailor or create new content to address your needs at best.Read More »


We coach employees, managers, executive and groups to help them reach their objectives. Coaching can be used to anchor learnings coming from experiential learning or in the context of an organizational development program but also address specific needs. We rework the mental maps to act in a VUCA environment, enabling everyone to become emerging practice leaders and be the catalyst for your OD change.Read More »

Systemic Agility Index

Our key product that measures the agility of your organization comparing the activation of 6 specific domains versus the VUCAness of the context. The Systemic Agility Index is the organization X-Ray picture showing the agility and resilience status of each team, unit, business line and finally the organization. We are welcoming OD consultants to become certified to use this effective method.Read More »

Polar Culture Index

This product measures the distance between an original culture and the desired culture. As the Systemic Agility Index, it is the organization X-Ray picture showing the distance status of each team, unit, business line and finally the organization. It helps to provide each unit with what it needs to progress towards the desired culture.Read More »

Bespoke Mooc

Time available to train your staff is always less. With our Bespoke MOOC services, we provide you with turnkey solutions. We expect from you the necessary guidance on the content to be shared within your organization, and we will do the rest: building online content video and adapted content, provisioning of the learning platform as a service, including tracking progress and reporting on quiz performance if required.Read More »

Unique, the systemic agility index will support you in building agility and resilience within your organization

We support you developing the proper characteristics to keep your context in check! Check our Webinar to known more about our approach and Systemic Agility Index measurements.

Where does your organization stands?

You are wondering where your organisation stands? Just take our demo assessment to figure out where you stand for each agility domain. You will also learn how you position with respect to others.

Unique, a comprensive and complementary set of services to help increase performance and improve balance

We craft unique services. We start from your needs, we leverage on your talents and your expertise combined with our knowledge, experience and creativity to provide you with unique program… because you are unique!

Where are we active, right now?

Organisation development 30%
Experiential learning 50%
Coaching 20%
On-line training (MOOC) 10%


The challenge of the 21st century to adapt to the accelerating and changing environment is addressed by practices innovation, leveraging on technologies.
Because technology triggered the actual effervescence, it can’t be used alone to address the challenge.


In a globalized business environment, old practices are not providing results. True innovation addresses the way people organize and interact together to create collective intelligence along the value chain.


Technology is used to support the organization’s purpose and practices.


We strive to support organizations, groups and individuals to keep their context in check with our comprehensive set of services.


Being subject provides the qualities, the posture and the authority to govern the proper activity.


Adaptation to the context is fundamental to create collective intelligence with all the involved participants within the value chain. The context is the common denominator where the magic happens when stakeholders start to play chords.

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