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People are the subjects, Technology is the object

The challenge of the 21 century to adapt to the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment is addressed by innovating within practices and leveraging on technologies. Because technology is the vehicle that creates acceleration, it can’t be used on its own to address the challenge.
We provide practices innovation, what are you searching for?

Organisational Development

Organisational Development

Check out our Organisational Development services to embed agility, transform your culture or adapt to VUCA…

Team development

Team Development

Check out our team development services based on the last finding in the neurosciences and collective intelligence field

Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery

Are you seraching for innovative personal mastery support, benefits from the last findings in neurosciences and psychology.

Development tools

Development tools

Are you searching for tooling to measure where your organisation, teams or individuals stands? Check how we can support you.

Unique, the systemic agility index will support you in building agility and resilience within your organization

We support you developing the proper characteristics to keep your context in check! Check our Webinar to known more about our approach and Systemic Agility Index measurements.

Where does your organization stands?

You are wondering where your organisation stands? Just take our demo assessment to figure out where you stand for each agility domain. You will also learn how you position with respect to others.

AccelerationLab Ltd. launches a certification program to become a Systemic Agility Professional Coach or a Systemic Agility Certified Consultant

As a Certified Systemic Agility Practitioner, you will enter into the Systemic Agility network and gain access to the Systemic Agility framework, be able to use the Systemic Agility Index and its methodology to increase your impact in Agile Transformation programs.

The certification program comes with a number of advantages

Being part of the network, you will connect with other professionals who share a common methodology. This is a unique opportunity to exchange on practice but also to build larger team and support important or global transformation projects.

Last but not least, included in the price of your certification you will perform a Systemic Agility assessment and the value of such an assessment is paying back your registration fee.

The certification program is online and will start in September. It’s available in English, French and Italian for now.

Unique, a comprensive and complementary set of services to help increase performance and improve balance

We craft unique services. We start from your needs, we leverage on your talents and your expertise combined with our knowledge, experience and creativity to provide you with unique program… because you are unique!

Where are we active, right now?

Systemic Agility assessment and development 60%
Experiential learning 10%
Coaching 20%
On-line training (MOOC) 10%
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