You are facing difficulties in finding and retaining talents, you perceive this challenge as a competitive opportunity for you as an employer. You are aware of the benefits of developing a value proposition for your employees and you need  to figure out how satisfied they are as well as what’s important for them. Our diagnostic will provide you with clear maps on your actual value proposition considering all the factors that matter. The diagnostic is based on a validated model, fruit of our applied research (see here for more information)

Use our assessment on systemic agility to support organisational growth

Measuring and evaluating employee importance and satisfaction with 8 crucial dimensions of EVP that can significantly influence the work experience. These are both extrinsic motivation factors, such as Salary, Benefits and Career, and intrinsic motivation factors, such as Work Environment, Autonomy and Job Purpose.

Improve the organisation’s overall performance by understanding the actions required to optimise employee satisfaction while ensuring effective alignment between the Employee Value Proposition and Brand Identity.

The EVP report helps to understand where each unit of your organization stands. That’s the start of developing each unit with what it really needs.

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