360 Agile Leader Assessment

Systemic agility and resilience require that the leaders walk the talk.

Thanks to our AGILE LEADER 360 ASSESSMENT, each leader will learn from an accurate picture where he stands and which behaviours, habits and practices he could change to further support the organisation to move towards business agility and resilience.

A complete report provide the leader with 60+ agility levers activation.

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Based on our 60+ agility levers, leaders are receiving precious feedback from their colleagues to develop the 6 domains that sustain flow and performance in a VUCA environment (Purpose, Management, Organisation, Information, Agile practices, Agile behaviours).

When various leaders from the same organisation are taking part to the assessment, our report provides them with benchmarking.

This assessment is fully consistent with our assessment “Systemic Agility Index” and is complementary for leaders development.

Know where you are and improve your systemic agility to better handle the VUCAness of the environement. This will increase the satisfaction of your customers and employees, create an adaptive leadership, increase the ownership at all the level and develop a permanent adaptive response to the environment.

The 360 Agile Leader report helps to gain awarness of own agile posture based on colleagues’ observations and perceptions.

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